White calla 'Dana Winner'

Recently, on september 9, a new white calla was introduced and named ‘Dana Winner’. Read more. We will be presenting this new calla at the expo Fleuramour.

Who are we?

A small, passionate family business.

We are a small family business with a big passion: cultivating high quality callas. With the utmost care and drive we grow a large variety of callas in different sizes. Callas come in many different colours, have a trendy look and can easily be kept for a long time. All those things make it a stylish and flexible flower that can be used in a wide range of original creations.

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Best 'Calla Keukenhof 2012/2013'

Thanks to our excellent tubers and our unique cultivating method we succeed in producing high quality flowers. As a result, we won the first prize in the “Best Calla Keukenhof” competition in 2012 and 2013.

Purple calla 4>

Black calla 4>

Yellow calla 4>

White calla 4>

Red calla 4>

Calla care tips

A small, passionate family business.

Our callas are cultivated and prepared for sale with the utmost care and attention. Their long shelf life is a prime key feature. However, the flower is vulnerable to the Erwina bacteria. To avoid contamination a proper hygiene is recommended.

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